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User of the Day?!

2017-07-11 05:21:53 by Kkylimos

 Apparently, im User of the Day, even though I didn't even know such a feature existed haha! Don't know whom I should thank for that or how the user of the day is chosen so, a general thank you to Newgrounds for having me over the years! Met some awesome people here and grew a lot as an artist. I have a lot of good memories from this site, like when I was asked to design the wall art for halloween, or the awesome Battle Royal art games we used to play on the forums, or the Totem Collab... Thank you NewGrounds, here's to all the adventures yet to come :)

My "would be" Darkest Dungeon Contest entry.

2015-03-06 10:46:54 by Kkylimos

Hello everyone...

  Three or four days ago i saw the announcement for the contest. I have never seen this game before but the contest caught my eye so i checked around the web and boy , this game looks sweet. I really like turn based rpg's and wow , that artwork , that mood...So , naturally , i decided to participate. I decided to go for a big illustration cause i felt like the game's aesthetic would fit in my portfolio perfectly. I didnt' want to post something half-assed or a simple portrait , i felt like doing something BIG. And i did. But unfortunately , i will miss the deadline :( I worked my ass off for three days , working way out of schedule and postponed other stuff for it but unfortunately , i started way too late and overestimated my time. So , i am really sad to say i missed the contest... I would love to win the game but , oh well...
   But there's always a bright side to it too. First of all , i enjoyed working on this piece so much! I had lots of fun depicting the characters in my own style and i feel like i also learned quite a bit. Also , missing the deadline means i missed the contest but it doesn't mean i wont finish my piece. In fact , now that i am not pushed i will make sure it looks better than i originally planned.
  Here is the linework. It's not where i am at right now ofcourse , but it is a milestone stage for any artwork , i guess its better to post that over the point where i am now , which is half painted and half rendered. The linework feels more "complete". I chose to draw the occultist because , epic arab satanic sorcerer of doom with the manliest mustache those undeads have seen in their pathetic un-lives. The tentacles sprawling out of the ground are a spell , i think it's called "prison-something(?)" To be fair , i had a rly hard time finding good reference material , i guess it's because the game is still in early access. I saw a video where the dude summons some spectral tentacles from the sky and then i saw the thumbnails of his spells and i found one that was supposed to be a stun and displayed a man getting chocked by tentacles that spawn from below him. I couldnt't find a vid or photo with it though so i improvised. I drew it as if he summons the tentacles coming from the bowels of the earth ( referencing to the underworld. ) I will make them look spectral too , so it is clear it's his spell and not another monster. As for the enemies, everything looks good but the moment i saw the swines , my fate was sealed , no questions asked.
  So , to close , i hope you like my linework and if you do , stay tuned for the final piece , i will upload it during the weekend. I wish the best of luck to the participants of the contest and , if it's true that there will be more fanart contests , the next time i will be prepared!

Some of my "Spitpaints"

2014-09-14 19:29:47 by Kkylimos

Here are some Spitpaints that i did and enjoyed. The topics were: Transparent Bird , Roar , Dinosaur Hunter , Warrior Fairy , Fat King , Laughing Man , Red Thunder. Hope you like em , cya!


( Spitpaint Group link https://www.facebook.com/groups/1402563099961950/?fref=nf )

Some news. And some sketches.

2014-03-06 14:42:40 by Kkylimos

Some news:

1) Im participating in Jazza's challenge of the month. Im almost done , maybe ill upload tonight.

2) I found out this really cool site for art. If you are an artist , check it out , if you arent but still like art , check it out! http://drawcrowd.com/ 

3) I drew some character faces , i didnt want to upload it in the portal though and neither add it in my gallery so here it is. 4639199_139413495371_faces2.jpg

Open letter to AdBlock Users

2014-03-05 11:52:51 by Kkylimos

Before i say anything , i'd like to clarify that this is not a matter that affects me personally , as i never relied on ads to make a profit and neither do i plan to , at least in the near future. So no , its not about me. Its about fucking humanity.    

So. You go home , after school/work or whatever and start surfing on the intenet. And its awesome. Tons of content for you to enjoy , relax , learn things etc. And it doesnt really matter if you are rich or poor. Regardless of who you are , you have access to an incredible variety of sources. Its not distributed vertically , depending on what you can afford but horizontally and equally to everyone. Because its free. Thats right. In a world where you pay for the air you breathe , there is this wonderland called the internet that is absolutely free. BUT... there is a catch. Because nothing is 100% free right?   You see , all this stuff you enjoy are not made by self-sufficient robots and neither by your personal entertainment slaves. Believe it or not , on the other end of your screen , there are people who work , spending time and resources to create the stuff you are browsing.  

Now , some ignorant asshole would say "its a hobby , its not a real job". To this asshole , i would say that , "working" is not defined by sitting behind a desk or cooking fries. Anything that can ensure an income should be considered a job. And in order to ensure income , said practice is a life commitment. Wether he is an author , an artist , a youtuber or whatever , the guy is spenting his life on it. Just like you are a proffesional cook , policeman , ball scratcher or whatever , so is he. He puts effort and a great deal of time to do what he does. And you know what , being a creator is a lot tougher than most people think. Its not easy to be constantly judged by people you never knew. Everything you do is a challenge to prove yourself again and again. Especially in the field of entertainment where you can be forgotten in a matter of weeks. And if you need subtitles for that , im not trying to compare proffesions. Im trying to say that each proffesion has its own troubles and hardships and its a real dick move to deprecate someone's work , just because its out of the ordinary.  

Some people say that "you should do it for the fun of it , not for profit." Well hello random citizen , creativity without profit is like a bird in a cage. It can sing but it can never fly. No matter how talented you are , no matter how much you love creating , it takes tons of time and effort and if it doesnt pay back , you just cant do it. Ofcourse you can have it as a hobby or a side thing but this means you will always be limited and will never be able to deliver what you could. Why? Because creativity requires time. The more you have the better the creation will be. And by spenting this time on being creative means you are not spenting it to earn money in another way. Which means you either get money from it or drop it in favor of survival. And trust me , no one becomes a creator for money. Everyone does it because he loves it , he absolutely adores what he does. You wont start playing comedy skits or creating games or drawings , thinking "two years from now im gonna be rich." The whole idea of making it a proffesion comes later , when you realise that you cant keep doing it in the length of time it requires , unless it provides you with an income.  

And back to the adblock matter. Free videos , comics , games , anything. With the cost of what? A 5 second waiting period before the video starts or some pictures of ads in the side of the screen. Things you normally dont even bother to notice. And why would you , i mean everyone hates ads , i hate them , i dont think i ever got interested on a product because i saw an ad of it while browsing. But i have the common sense of understanding that , these ads are what allows me to browse on the first place. The people who are generously providing me with content to enjoy are depending on this stuff to continue their work. And unless you are such a special little princess , i have not the slightest idea why would you be so intolerable to this.  I mean , how the fucking fuck can someone be so selfish to demand content for free and denying to repay the creators with the least generous of actions , to wait a couple of seconds or ignore some adpics on the page?  

The way i see it , there is a "culture" , for lack of better word , of internet being a place where everything must be free. And thats cool , im enjoying that aswell and i hate the fact that in our society there is a price tag at everything. But still , there has to be common sense aswell.  Imagine if tomorow everyone starts using adblock , if this isnt happening today already. Do you have any idea how many of the stuff you enjoy in your routine will disapear? How many stuff will require actual payment for you to see? You visit sites like newgrounds to play games and watch animations , sites to read comics/manga , watch videos on youtube etc right? Well , all of this stuff is free because the creators get their money from ads. No ads=no profit=no reason to keep doing what they do. This is how the world is. I would love to enjoy everything for free without harming anyone but unfortunately , im older than 10 and i realise this cant happen. This is how the economy works and economy is the world , its sad but its true. I know you are feeling really badass , dodging all those satanic ads that waste your time while you could be wasting your time but consider this: The internet is not an one-end connection. Its an interactive society and there are lives on both ends of your screen. You cannot demand for the maximum and deny to provide the minimum.   

So , how about you stop being a spineless asshole and make sure the internet stays as awesome as it is? Why ruin the thing and turn it into a shopping center where the most trivial of things will require payment? Because this WILL happen. That , or go back to watching tv because if you cannot understand this concept , with all due respect , you simply dont deserve to be a part of the internet. Best regards , You suck.

Happy New Year

2013-12-31 16:21:56 by Kkylimos

Nothing special , just felt like saying it.  Happy New Year to everyone :)

...was.... the best freakin movie ever created by humanity... I just saw it and...damn... Not gonna spoil anything but as an eternal Tolkien fan and a fantasy maniac , i have to say that this movie is made of freakin gold. Its not an overstatement to say that , for me , it includes the most well done fight scene i've ever seen in a movie and , without a hint of doubt the absolutely best dragon. Some people cry because they say Peter Jackson has changed a lot of stuff from the book , like adding Azog etc. Imo , Jackson is making the story even better. Not to insult Tolkien ofcourse , as i said i've grown up with his books  BUT , the hobbit book is not a heroic fantasy novel. If you read it you will realise that its more akin to a fairy tale , for lack of better words. Jackson has took the incredible legacy of Tolkien and expanded it , making it even greater. I would love to discuss about it and my thoughts on Jackson's additions but i dont wanna spoil the movie , its just got released. One thing that i will say though is that , to the people who cry about the reason stated above , you should realise that Jackson is not hindering Tolkien's work. If the movie is different from the book it doesnt change the book. Its just additional content to draw from and enjoy. In my opinion Peter Jackson shows incredible respect to Tolkien's legacy. I wont say it couldnt be done better cause its quite a naive statement but , at least for me , Jackson has raised the bar extremely high. I honestly hope that this will bring a new breath of fantasy and heroic tales in the big screen. Stories i grew up with like those of Drizzt or the Dragonlance could be done so much justice! So , anyway , im SUPER excited! If you havent , go watch this movie , its incredible! And as you can propably guess by now , you can expect my next artworks to be Tolkien-related...i think it will take some time for me to overcome the overdose of awesomness. Might need some medical assistance...  

Made a Tumblr

2013-12-01 10:38:17 by Kkylimos

Yep , i did


Sketch Cards!

2013-11-11 18:09:19 by Kkylimos

Maybe , MAYBE , i will start a short series of sketch cards. You know , basically busts , like my latest submission.

Just felt like asking if any of you had any particular ideas. What would you guys like to see? Personal characters under a certain theme? Warhammer characters? Comic characters? Something else? Still cooking it in my head...

Society6 and other Print shops

2013-10-29 15:50:14 by Kkylimos

Hey guys! So...Me and some other artsy friends of mine were thinking of starting to sell prints of our work for some time now. I recently came across http://society6.com/ and im quite interested. Do you have any experience with the site either as an artist or a client? Would you recomend it and if not , why? And , do you know any other similar sites that are good?