Demon Pirates or Cyborg Ninjas?

2013-09-21 19:43:00 by Kkylimos

Who sounds cooler?


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2013-09-21 19:59:05

Demon Pirates definitely.

Kkylimos responds:

Yes sir!


2013-09-21 22:30:26

Demon Pirates, easiest choice ever!

Kkylimos responds:

Great , thanks for commenting!


2013-09-22 01:01:57

Demon Pirates hands down! :D Keep on booking man, I love your work and I can't wait to see more from you for the next 60 years!

Kkylimos responds:

But , but , why only 60 years :O

Haha thank you bro. Being admired by someone you admire is a beautiful thing!



2013-09-22 08:41:39

demon cyborg ninja pirates

Kkylimos responds:

Now that sounds like a someone you dont want to mess with!


2013-09-22 08:46:01

cyborg demons actually sounds p cool


2013-09-22 11:18:12

cyborg ninjas or cybord demons

Kkylimos responds:

Ty for teh comment Kuhki , lets see which side wins! Then im gonna grab my pen and deliver ;)


2013-09-22 19:39:10

Well I'll be dead within the next 60 years :P You can keep making art after that time if you want to though, I just won't care.


2013-09-24 11:06:45

If it'd been a choice between Cyborg Pirates and Demon Ninjas, the latter would've been an obvious choice! I'm conflicted. Cyborg Ninjas, probably.

Kkylimos responds:

I am having a project in mind about a feudal era yet futuristic japan with a shit ton of demon ninjas so , you will PROPABLY get to see some of that too mate !

Thanks for your comment , still collecting votes ;)


2013-09-24 19:46:50

Demon pirates. Demon anything, but a demon pirate actually could be really badass.

Kkylimos responds:

thanks for your comment mate!


2013-09-29 01:00:40

Demon pirates. It has a lot of potential. Can't wait to see what you pick!

Kkylimos responds:

Oh its demon pirates for sure , most people voted for it so the majority has spoken :D Thanks for voting !


2013-09-30 10:32:45

Demon Pirates, (although both have already been done) - i would say that theres more area to play with when using that demon pirates!

Kkylimos responds:

Hey mate! I havent seen much of either :P I have seen demon pirates on Vampire Chevalier although they were more like zombies. And ofcourse the usual davy jones fishy pirate dudes although this is nowhere near to what i have in mind :D

I think both have nice potential ( thats why i choose them , so i can work on either resault :P ) buuut , i agree , demon pirates have certainly much more to show ;) Thanks for voting man!


2013-10-01 18:49:52

cyborg ninjas are cool....but daemon pirates can do sooo much more! liike one of them could assend to greater demon hood and and and and, just go SCHMOOOOSHHH! and then be like "your world will burn untill its surface is but GLASS!" and then go SCHMOOOOSH KAPOOWW ZOOOMM BAAAANNGBOOOM... so er ... demon pirates...

Kkylimos responds:

Dont forget the stealing of soooooullllzzzzzz and the swoooosh when they appear out of the hellish portal and the infernal Yaaaarrrrr when they attack!!!


2013-10-02 14:08:35

Demon pirates but... What the hell. XD

Kkylimos responds:

You will see , you will see ;) Thanks for the vote mate!