Would you follow me...

2013-10-04 09:27:34 by Kkylimos

On facebook? I already have an fb profile but its to share stuff and keep in touch with friends and family so its not open to the crowd and neither focused on my work. So how about it , do you think i should start an fb page aswell?

Also , besides the sites im already using ( here , DA , Illuminatus , CGHub and blogger) do you know of any other showcasing sites that you think i should use aswell?


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2013-10-04 11:02:38

I don't have Facebook but as it is a popular site, it doesn't hurt to add this to the sites where you post your stuff. After all, as artist exposure is important. You have one more Newgrounds fan though for your awesome art ^^

I think you could also make a Tumblr account and make some kind of artist diary, where you can write a bit about your works in process pictures and also post sketches.

Kkylimos responds:

Thanks for the fan and kind words mate! I really appreciate it! I havent given tumblr a thought , havent really paid any attention to it but the "art journal" is an idea i had for quite some time now and tried to incorporate it on my blog. Alas blogger seems to be pretty much dead nowdays... Ill browse tumblr a bit and see if it suits me thanks! And yes the more exposure the best!


2013-10-07 11:07:06

If I used FB I'd consider it, but I won't consider using FB!