Something Great to check out!

2013-10-08 13:49:22 by Kkylimos

Hey guys! This journal is not about me but to promote a friend instead.

Only recently , a pretty interesting game called Faeria hit the kickstarter. My good friend Ibrahem Swaid ( he is no longer here in NG but you can see his gallery anyway) has produced some phenomenal artwork for this game and you should totally check it out.

The game looks pretty neat with a genuine idea and fantastic art so , its a good idea to take a thorough look and consider funding it. Here's the link to the kickstarter page.

As for me , sorry for not uploading anything for some time , things have been kinda hectic but i sure draw a lot. There are some commissioned pieces and a couple of really big ones coming up soon , so stay tuned!

Cheers and thanks for checking!


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