Screen Recording software WTF DAMN IT!!!!

2013-10-14 19:59:18 by Kkylimos


Its been several days now that im trying to record my first speedpaint video. I need a software for that and i was thinking of getting a free or cheap one at least until i get a decent amount of subscribers. No piracy ofc.

So i tried camstudio but it errored saying that im missing a file called msvcr100.dll. I dled it , pasted it in system32 and syswow64 and still nothing. A friend told me about another programm called bandicam. Installed it only to be trolled and realise it cant record my screen while drawing as it is only for capturing in-game videos -_-

Fuck this shit.

Do you guys know any other decent choices that do not require signing a contract with the devil or climbing mount everest to instal? Or maybe you have some idea on how to fix the camstudio issue. Any advice other than "lol noob just drop it and go to bed" will be greately appreciated.

Now im gonna drop it and go to bed...


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2013-10-14 20:02:53

screencast-o-matic works wonders. the free version lets you record up to 15 mins, places a small watermark at the corner of your video, and even can work entirely online so you don't need to download and install anything.

Kkylimos responds:

Sounds tempting! I'll give it a shot aswell :D Thanks!


2013-10-15 03:31:02

I went through around 20-30 different ones trying to record Oni gameplay footage before I found BSR Screen Recorder, it's so far the only one I've found that works perfectly for everything. Might require some tinkering with codecs, but if you do get it, ffdshow works great on low-end systems, good balance between size-quality without much processing power used for compression.

If you only need to record your screen though, Total Recorder and Taksi were great, I think they're both free.

Kkylimos responds:

Thanks for the comment man , ill try those for sure!!


2013-10-15 23:14:53

Ezvid seems pretty good. I have it downloaded nad I'm gonna use it for gameplay stuff.

Kkylimos responds:

Will try it when my current one's trial expires , thanks!