My "would be" Darkest Dungeon Contest entry.

2015-03-06 10:46:54 by Kkylimos

Hello everyone...

  Three or four days ago i saw the announcement for the contest. I have never seen this game before but the contest caught my eye so i checked around the web and boy , this game looks sweet. I really like turn based rpg's and wow , that artwork , that mood...So , naturally , i decided to participate. I decided to go for a big illustration cause i felt like the game's aesthetic would fit in my portfolio perfectly. I didnt' want to post something half-assed or a simple portrait , i felt like doing something BIG. And i did. But unfortunately , i will miss the deadline :( I worked my ass off for three days , working way out of schedule and postponed other stuff for it but unfortunately , i started way too late and overestimated my time. So , i am really sad to say i missed the contest... I would love to win the game but , oh well...
   But there's always a bright side to it too. First of all , i enjoyed working on this piece so much! I had lots of fun depicting the characters in my own style and i feel like i also learned quite a bit. Also , missing the deadline means i missed the contest but it doesn't mean i wont finish my piece. In fact , now that i am not pushed i will make sure it looks better than i originally planned.
  Here is the linework. It's not where i am at right now ofcourse , but it is a milestone stage for any artwork , i guess its better to post that over the point where i am now , which is half painted and half rendered. The linework feels more "complete". I chose to draw the occultist because , epic arab satanic sorcerer of doom with the manliest mustache those undeads have seen in their pathetic un-lives. The tentacles sprawling out of the ground are a spell , i think it's called "prison-something(?)" To be fair , i had a rly hard time finding good reference material , i guess it's because the game is still in early access. I saw a video where the dude summons some spectral tentacles from the sky and then i saw the thumbnails of his spells and i found one that was supposed to be a stun and displayed a man getting chocked by tentacles that spawn from below him. I couldnt't find a vid or photo with it though so i improvised. I drew it as if he summons the tentacles coming from the bowels of the earth ( referencing to the underworld. ) I will make them look spectral too , so it is clear it's his spell and not another monster. As for the enemies, everything looks good but the moment i saw the swines , my fate was sealed , no questions asked.
  So , to close , i hope you like my linework and if you do , stay tuned for the final piece , i will upload it during the weekend. I wish the best of luck to the participants of the contest and , if it's true that there will be more fanart contests , the next time i will be prepared!


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